Saturday, 23 May 2009


This mockumentary is a group response to Malcom Gladwells 'Tipping Point'.
Our aim was to start a sport dancing trend and visualize a tipping point so we created this post-dated documentary that convinces the audience that this dance style is already a worldwide phenomenon.

Group Project with Leena Patel, Claire Percy, Silje Rødvik


This is a typographic code based on the most common lying characteristics. It requires users to interact with it on screen to unveil the truth within a text of lies.


Original text


Deciphered Code

Group project with Billy Steel


A typographic exploration into the unpopular act of waiting. After researching the physical and mental affects of waiting I compiled a poem and illustrated it appropriately.


This short moving image is a stop motion animation featuring 24 hours of a ceiling. It is made from a photograph every 5 minutes of a living room.

I have been observing how light is cast upon household ceilings as it changes its state throughout the day and photographing various locations. I have been inspired by the soft beauty of the ceiling and how it is not often used for anything other than lighting.
This piece suggest human activity by the lights turning off and on but it has no further insight as to what is happening within the room. As an installation it was displayed projected onto a vertical wall.


For this group project we created a celebrity who is controlled by the people that surround her, she is a human puppet and becomes a product of the unseen (as are many modern celebrities).

Collaboration with Anna Brooks, Omar Majeed and James Titterton.

Friday, 22 May 2009


I studied a moving image module that required me to research and make a video of some kind. I took the opportunity to experiment with sound design. Using drums, vocals and found sounds I created a piece about the city and filmed visuals to correspond with it.


I loaded my camera to explore the diversity of typography to be found amongst the market places in central London (for part of a project). As I arrived at Brixton market I unknowingly loaded a pre-used film into my OM-10 SLR. 
I set about to capture the typographic delights of the city, not realizing I was double exposing pictures taken of my family and friends in Devon. I find their compositions fascinating and some of the co-incidences quite striking.

Indoor Mother

Corn Legs

Cinema Father

Why Jack?